Smithsonian Call Center

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Call Center Volunteers engage, assist, and inform Smithsonian audiences by phone. Callers include visitors, members, and anyone who has an interest in interacting with the Smithsonian. Volunteers share information about Smithsonian exhibitions, activities, and services, while also directing callers to other institutional offices and resources. The program serves as a gateway to every part of the Smithsonian experience. Occassionally, volunteers also support the Office of Visitor Services staff with various projects.  

Office of Visitor Services (OVS)

For many visitors, a trip to the Smithsonian is a once in a lifetime event. The Office of Visitor Services plays a crucial role in enhancing those visits by creating a welcoming, informative, and enjoyable environment for individuals of all backgrounds and interests. 

Our dedication to visitor engagement, volunteer management, and continuous improvement contributes to making the Smithsonian Museums and National Zoo cherished destinations for millions of visitors each year. 


Dynamic, friendly, and resourceful individuals, 18 years or older who have a desire to learn about and share their knowledge and enthusiasm for the Smithsonian. We also look for applicants who...

  • possess strong customer service skills
  • experience using web-based resources to do simple research
  • are enthusiastic and outgoing
  • enjoy working with diverse people
  • possess fantastic listening skills
  • have an excellent phone presence and are fluent in English
  • Foreign-language skills are a plus.


Smithsonian Ripley Center

1100 Jefferson Drive SW, Washington, DC 20004

Program Time Commitment

Applicants must be able to volunteer for a minimum of one year in a recurring weekly shift or once every other Saturday. All shifts are four hours in length, either 9:30am-1:30pm or 12:30pm-4:30pm. 

Training Requirements

The training program consists of at-home reading assignments, two-day in-person orientation to the Smithsonian and the position, and additional on-the-job training specifics to the Call Center. Training for the next class of Call Center volunteers is in progress through at least the end of January 2024. 

For More Information

We are currently recruiting for this opportunity. Visit to apply. Look for the opportunity called "Be the Answer."