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General Information

Financial and philanthropic support is outlined in our Annual Reports. The Smithsonian receives funding from federal government appropriations, other governmental entities, and private sources. Public dollars conserve national collections; sustain basic research; educate the public; provide for administrative and support services; and operate, maintain, and protect the large Smithsonian museum and research complexes. Private funds leverage federal dollars and provide the critical difference for endowing positions, carrying out innovative research, developing and building new facilities, opening groundbreaking exhibitions, reaching out to America’s diverse communities, and expanding and strengthening national collections.

Organizational Chart (PDF) (

Short-term goals and performance objectives focus the Smithsonian's resources on priorities for major construction projects; securing the funding necessary to address maintenance and revitalization of building; opening new exhibitions and updating others that will have tremendous public impact; improving visitor services; and strengthening stewardship of the national collections.

Annual Performance Plan: Fiscal Year 2023 (PDF)

The Smithsonian Institution's management and financial controls systems provide reasonable assurance that the Institution's programs and resources are protected from fraud, waste, and misuse.

Management's Discussion and Analysis: Fiscal Year 2023 (PDF)

The Office of the Inspector General was established, in part, to provide a means for keeping the head of the Smithsonian Institution and the Congress fully and currently informed about problems and deficiencies relating to Institution programs and operations, and the necessity for and progress of corrective actions. The Office of the Inspector General fulfills this responsibility through semiannual reporting, as required by the Inspector General Act of 1978, as amended, testimony, and other means as the Inspector General finds necessary.

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The Office of Investments was established in 2006 to oversee and manage the Smithsonian Endowment as a long-term pool of capital and is overseen by the Regents Investment Committee. The Smithsonian Endowment is made up of 726 endowments managed as a pool.

The goal for the Endowment is to help build the financial foundation of the Smithsonian Institution to sustain and preserve future growth; provide an annual reliable source of unrestricted funds; support programs at the heart of our mission, not supported by federal dollars.