Educator Resources: Social Studies and Civics

Image: A group of students in a classroom setting. Text: Educator Resources: Social Studies and Civics

The Smithsonian's goal for grades PK-12 social studies and civics resources is to provide a comprehensive and inclusive educational experience that fosters critical thinking, civic engagement, and a global perspective among students. These resources aim to empower learners to reach their full potential while simultaneously contributing to the overall well-being of the United States, both socially and culturally. To achieve these objectives, the Smithsonian employs a range of resources and media tailored to different grade levels, including videos, online materials, primary source documents, hands-on activities, and multimedia content. These resources are carefully designed to be age-appropriate and align with the specific curriculum standards for each grade. These are only a small representative of the wealth of civics resources the Smithsonian has to offer.